Precious Cargo should not be left in the car alone

I am going to flat out say it.  When you come to visit us at the shoppe, we are going to ask that when you come in our doors, ALL of your children come in the doors with you.  Please do not leave your little ones in the car.  Even if they sleep; even if your car is still running.  Please bring them in with you.

Don’t want to wake them?  You can do a website order, and we will BRING it to you at the car.  Stay there with them.  Item you need not on line?  Call us.  Do a phone order, and WE WILL BRING IT TO YOU at the car.  Just do not leave your little ones in the car.

Here are some disturbing facts.

Since 1998 the average number of heat stroke fatalities each year is 37 according to  And here in Texas we have the highest numbers of deaths.  From 1998 to 2015, 100 infants have died of heatstroke in cars.

This factoid is disturbing.  Nearly 20% of deaths occur because a caregiver intentionally left the child in the car.  This is not the cases where someone was doing their routine of going to work and forgetting, this is from DELIBERATELY leaving the child in the car.

Animation by GM and Jan Null, San Jose State University.


Here are some tips to keep in mind based on information from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

1. It takes 10 minutes for the temperature in a car to go up 20 degrees Fahrenheit.

2. Cracking a window open and parking in the shade aren’t sufficient safeguards.

3. A child’s body temperature can rise up to five times faster than an adult’s. A child dies with a 107 degree body temperature.

4. Even if it’s in the 60s outside, your car can still heat up to well above 110 degrees.

5. It only takes a 57-degree outside temperature to cause heatstroke.

6. On an 80-degree day, temperatures inside a vehicle can reach deadly peaks in 10 minutes.


The Texas Law is with us on this one.

(a)  A person commits an offense if he intentionally or knowingly leaves a child in a motor vehicle for longer than five minutes, knowing that the child is:

(1) younger than seven years of age;  and

(2) not attended by an individual in the vehicle who is 14 years of age or older.

(b) An offense under this section is a Class C misdemeanor.

– See more at:


Please note we are not judging here.  We know what it is like to be sleep deprived, to be grateful for that nap that is finally happening.  Which is WHY we will come to you at the car.  We want you to get what you need and we want our babies and kids to be safe.

Small Business Saturday – Shop the community stores that care

There is variations of this sign that makes its rounds on Facebook and other social media platforms on a regular basis.  It says, when you shop small, you are not helping a CEO buy their 2nd home etc, but your money is going back into the community, helping a little girl get ballet lessons etc.  We here at Nappy Shoppe, will tell you that is all too true.


Let me tell you a little about each of us, and how when you shop from us it affects us directly.

Sharni – I am the one writing this post, and I started Nappy Shoppe in 2008 out of my home.  Back then I never thought that 7 odd years later, I would  have 14 of us working this business in a 4800 sq ft store front, working 6 days a week.  It took several years before I was actually able to take a pay check.  Until July this year, I worked for my daily coffee fix.  Now I get a pay check which my current goal is to save to replace our falling apart 14 year old mini van.

Cheyenne – My right hand.  She owns a small part of the store with me, and helps me manage it.  She helps keep me sane, when the stresses of running a small business can be overwhelming.  She is a true friend as well.  She is full time with me, and I know her pay check helps pay for Piano lessons, Ballet Lesson & gymnastic classes for her three little girls.  The nature of this job, allows her to home school her daughters while she works full time.


Lydia – She has been with me since we used to be in a warehouse.  She came onto the team because she had a heart for breastfeeding, and other women succeeding at it.  She along with Cheyenne have helped many women in our community succeed at breastfeeding through our free support groups.  She home schools are two children as well, and I know the income from the shoppe helps pay for extras in her household.

Angela – Again, with me since the warehouse days.  She used to sew for me, but is now the one who keeps Cheyenne and I organized in the office while helping out on the sales floor.  She works three days a week at the shoppe, while homeschooling her three teenage girls.

Lauren – Well I have known her the longest.  Since before she was born.  She is my daughter, and when you shop the website you help her keep her job.  She does the website and a lot of the signage and print media for the shoppe.  I guess having her work at the store really truly makes it a family business.

Samantha – Many of you will have had Samantha teach you one of our many classes.  From cloth 101 to car seats 101.  She is a natural born teacher, with two little boys.  She along with Angela makes the trek from Sherman to Plano to get to work!

Kendra – She is the mother of two little girls, one of whom she homeschools.  Her youngest was born on my birthday last year :)  Her pay check helps with the grocery bill.

Sarah – Again a mother of two little girls.  She one day hopes to be a lawyer.  And not the big corporate kind.   Her heart is such, shes going to be the kind that never makes big money because she will be helping those who really need a lawyer and cannot afford one.

Amanda – She used to be a flight attendant, but now enjoys her part time job with us because it allows her to be on the ground with her young son.  She along with Sarah, Samantha and I, became certified lactation counselors in June, so that we could help Cheyenne and Lydia support our breastfeeding community.

Meaghan – Mother of two, has a second job as a nanny with one of our local couples.  For her the paycheck was really important as she was the sole provider for her and her little ones for a while.

Mat & Jordan – Our married couple.  Jordan has been with us longer than Mat.  They have two little ones.  Mat helps us with our Dads group.  Mat along with Samantha, Cheyenne and I is a car seat technician.  So when you buy a seat from us, you can get it professionally checked.

And then there are the newer members of our team, that have been with us just a month or two, but are firmly becoming a part of the family of employees at the shoppe.  April, Kristen, Chelsea and Melanie.  For them, their paychecks help buy the extras for their little ones.

So please, when you can, shop small and local.  The money you spend at these stores keep your friends employed, and more of the money goes back into your community.





Buy USA – Leslies Boutique

Leslies boutique makes a line of wet bags.  These wet bags are a staff favourite, especially the wet dry bag.  Unlike many other wet dry bags on the market, Leslies has a little gusset sewn into the dry bag, so it can hold so much more.

wet.dry bag night-day500

Leslies bags come in a great range of prints too, making them a fashion accessory and fun to carry.


Leslies is owned by Emily and John Murray.  Emily and John also own Modern Natural Baby in Michigan.  Their 5000 sq ft baby store is worth a visit if you are in that area.  I have had the pleasure of spending face to face time with Emily and John at trade shows, and have gotten to know Emily very well via retailer Facebook groups of which we are both members of.

Emily & John and their two beautiful boys.

Emily & John and their two beautiful boys.

Emily and John have 2 boys, ages 6 and 3.  They bought Leslies Boutique from its previous owner in January 2012, when they found out it was for sale.  The bags were a popular item in their Modern Natural Baby store.


When they bought the business, sewing was being done in West Michigan.  Emily and John live in Ferndale, just north of Detroit in South East Michigan, and they wanted their sewers closer by.    When they went on the hunt for a new sewing house, they were continuously told it would be cheaper to produce in China.  Finally they found a good company right in their tiny city of Ferndale.  So all of their products are made right there where they live.  All of their sewers are paid a fair wage.  Emily says one of the best things about what she does is the fact she can manufacture her line of wet bags right here in the USA.

Buy USA – Planetwise & Best Bottom

bestbottomsbannerToday’s featured product line are Planetwise & Best Bottoms Diapers.

Best Bottom’s is our most popular all in two system that we have in the store.  It is a one size option that will last through to potty training.  We love the cute prints & colour combinations as well!  Planetwise diapers are a two size system, and have a unique two co-coordinating print style that is popular.


Planet Wise Inc.™ is a privately owned family corporation; founded by Nicki Maynard and later joined by husband Jesse.  As a husband and wife team, they are working together to ensure the highest quality products while following responsible environmental and social business practices.

How Does Planet Wise Inc™ Help the Environment?
To reduce their environmental impact, all products have been thoroughly researched and are all PVC-free and lead-free (a surprising fact is that many zippers have been painted using paint that contains lead).  All the products we have developed are reusable and have been designed to replace disposable items which help to reduce waste that ends up in the landfills.  Planet Wise Wet Bags™ have been designed to be useful for every age – from young children in diapers to the mature adult -and for transporting shoes, cosmetics, swimwear, or gym wear.  Planet Wise Snack Bags™, their newest addition, are made with environmentally friendly FDA food safe material.  Also, their packaging is printed on recycled/recyclable paper using soy-based ink.

How Is Planet Wise Inc™ Socially Conscious?
Community and family has always been a leading value for Planet Wise Inc.™.   Multi-generations are employed as well as fellow neighbors.  Employees are given the opportunity for flexible schedules allowing them to work around family time and school schedules.   To further promote family values, employees are welcome to bring their young children to work with them.

How Does Planet Wise Inc.™ Do It?
During development we carefully researched raw materials and chose as many USA-made materials as possible.  While abiding by this high standard of quality, they also continually strive to keep the price affordable for all families.  All products are manufactured in a locally women-owned facility helping to support the local economy and reduce our environmental impact.  All business decisions, either big or small, are evaluated with the planet’s health and social harmony in mind.

And a little about their products:

Best Bottom Diaper

Created to use the pros of all the different cloth diapering systems and eliminate the cons. The Best Bottom cloth diaper system is trim fitting, highly absorbent and not overwhelming. Just adjust the snaps on the shell to fit your baby, snap an insert into the diaper, put the diaper on your baby and go. Best Bottoms are easy to use and easy to clean. Simply lay the shell flat and snap in insert into place. When it’s time for a change just unsnap the insert and wipe the shell clean. Three sizes of inserts are available in stay dry and organic cotton/hemp.


The highest quality of materials available have been selected with as much of the raw materials made in the USA as we could find. The entire Shell is made with USA-made materials! ALL of our products are proudly handcrafted in the USA at local factories helping to support the local economy and reduce our environmental impact. We use durable snaps and hook & loop, double layer of waterproof PUL creating a perfect no-leak sturdy shell with a wipe-able inside lasting for many washes.


Planet Wise Snack and Sandwich Bags

With many different colorful prints Planet Wise Snack and Sandwich Bags are great for the entire family. No more plastic baggies, plastic wrap or aluminum foil.  The seams are sealed using the Planet Wise Patent Pending No Leak Design, so you won’t need to worry about messes. You can even put a wet washcloth in one for easy clean up on the go! When you are home, just wash, rinse and reuse these great bags! They can be hand washed in warm/hot water with dish soap, or machine wash them in cold water. They are also top-rack dishwasher safe! You can air or towel dry them. Use in the microwave is not recommended.

All of the Planet Wise Reusable Sandwich and Snack Bags are made with FDA Food Safe Materials. They are PVC, BPA, Phthalate, Latex and Lead FREE! There are even angled corners for easy cleaning. One of the best features are that they are made right here in the USA!

Wet/Dry Bag

The Planet Wise Wet/Dry Bag is a truly innovative bag that allows you to carry your wet and dry items in the same bag.  Each Planet Wise Wet/Dry Bag contains a “wet” section that is sewn and sealed for no wicking or leaking AND a zippered dry section along with a clever snap handle for easy carrying.  Carry all your items in the Planet Wise Wet/Dry Bag while keeping your dry items dry and your wet or soiled items separate, sealing in moisture and odors.  Truly an all in one bag!

Planet Wise Wet/Dry Bags are made in the USA with a high quality poly urethane laminate (PUL) that is anti-microbial and inhibits the growth of bacteria and fungi.

These bags are not only perfect for cloth diapering on the go, but for going to the pool or the gym.


During our Buy USA event we will be giving away a Best Bottom Cover and a Planet Wise wet bag/snack bag gift set.  To enter in, when you shop with us between 5/25/15 and 7/4/15 and purchase a USA made product we will give you a ticket to place into the drawing.  If you are a blue card VIP rewards member you will get two tickets.  All prizes will be drawn Monday July 6th.

BUY USA – Sakura Bloom

winsakurasilkWe started selling Sakura Bloom Ring Slings after Cheyenne talked me into it at our first ABC trade expo event in 2011.  She had one in her personal stash and swore to me that people would love them.  I had hired her for her babywearing expertise, so we placed our first order.  I let her choose the colors and styles.  She included one silk in with the rest being linen in our first order.  The linen slings sold well from the beginning.  Here in Texas, linen is a nice light weight cool option in the heat of our brutal summers.  They are quick to use.  And affordable.  That poor silk sat for so long.

Nappy Shoppe customers sporting their Sakura Bloom Ring Slings.  Photo by Kindred Photographer.

Nappy Shoppe customers sporting their Sakura Bloom Ring Slings. Photo by Kindred Photographer.

In 2013, Sakura Bloom had a booth at Dallas Market.  It was a quiet market that year, and we got to spend a lot of quality time with the owners, Lynne and Eric.  And we complained to them that while we had no trouble selling linen slings, we could not see the benefit of the more expensive silks.  Lynne pointed out to us that silk was actually cooler than linen to wear in the heat.  That it would breath better and was far more supportive.  Armed with new knowledge, we came back and were able to tell our customers the benefits of silk.  And that is why you see so many glorious silk ring slings in the Nappy Shoppe community.  We also came back having formed a new friendship.  One of the high lights of our trips to the ABC trade each year is visiting with Lynne and Eric.    They are a fun friendly, down to earth couple.  They care about their business and their retailers.  Unlike some manufacturers, they care about the value of their brand.  Sakura Bloom is one of the best selling brands in our store.  It is not hard for this to be the case with a quality product, and a manufacturer who we consider a friend.

History of Sakura Bloom Ring Slings.

Lynne’s sister, Carole, is an anthropologist.   She was studying South east Asia traveling to India and Nepal a lot. As Carole was pregnant at the time, she was fascinated with how babies were carried in these countries.  They used carriers out of necessity, something that back in 2005 she did not see happen here much.  She joined, which at the time was a small community of women wearing and many making their own carriers.  There were virtually no stores.

Lynne and her baby daughter Teja in one of the original ring slings.

Lynne and her baby daughter Teja in one of the original ring slings.

When Lynne got pregnant with her daughter Teja in 2005, Carole gave her 5 different carriers to try.  First off she started with a pouch style.  Lynne says she cringes to think of how she wore Teja back then.  She is not alone, I was the same with Braden.  Little did we know.  It was all a learning time. At 6 months of age, Teja did want to be cradled any more, she wanted to be upright and sit.  So Lynne pulled out the silk ring sling that her sister had given her.  She fell in love with this carrier. When a friend of Lynne’s in London got pregnant, she asked her sister where to buy a ring sling the same as what she was using.  The answer was, no one makes these! Lynne enlisted the aid of her seamstress mother, and with different colored silks, made another ring sling.  Lynne continued to sew the ring slings.  Have fun with different colored fabrics.  She sent one to her sister.  Her sister was wearing her baby in it, when she visited a baby boutique in Colorado.  The owner wanted them for her store.  So Lynne was asked to make more ring slings.  So she made 10.  It was 2006.  At this point there was no plans for a business, but it soon became obvious that was to become one, so in 2007 Sakura Bloom was born.

From the beginning, Lynne knew she wanted her business to be sustainable.  She watched women start carrier businesses and go out of business soon after when they did not price their products high enough to cover costs etc.  So Lynne did her research on pricing, and priced her slings for her business to survive.  She also learned the importance of keeping brand value, and as such rarely discounts.

Eric and baby Jai 2008.

Eric and baby Jai 2008.

At first Lynne did all the sewing.  But soon it was obvious that she could not do it alone.  She was introduced to a bridal shop seamstress called Amelia. Amelia was from Italy, and after critiquing Lynne’s sewing technique came up with a higher quality product.  For the first three years of business, Amelia did it all from her basement, including shipping. In 2010, it was too much, and Amelia needed to move on.  So Lynne found a factory in the small industrial town of Fall River, in Massachusetts.  And that is where Sakura Bloom is still manufactured.

Lynne with Eric and the kids.

Lynne with Eric and the kids.

In 2012 Lynne could not continue to administrate the business alone, so her husband Eric, came on board full time.  Lynne found that they did not need to live near where the slings were produced.  As long as they had their laptops, and internet access, they could run their business.  They now have three employees.  Leigh in market (and so much more), Jill who does social media (she is the pregnant voice behind Instagram), and Tiffany in customer service and manages wholesale.


Lynne, with her friend Robyn from BabyHawk

Lynne lives in California with her husband Eric, and two children, Teja 9 and Jai 7.  And here is a little tidbit for you, Lynne and Robyn of BabyHawk are very close friends, and Robyn lives in California too.


For our BUY USA event, we are giving away a Simple Silk Sakura Bloom ring sling in Shadow.  To enter, just come in between Memorial day and Independence Day 2015, and when your purchase includes a product made in the USA we will give you a ticket to enter into the drawing.  If you are a VIP blue rewards card holder you will get two tickets.

A pinch me moment, for sure. 9 years ago these were my fingers pushing layers of gorgeous, vibrant silks under the foot of my grandmother’s old tabletop singer sewing machine. When my daughter, Teja, was born in 2005, babywearing wasn’t a household term and it was next to impossible to find unique, different styles of baby carriers in local stores. Big box stores were the only option for most people, and they offered pretty much one style of carrier and definitely nothing made locally. I didn’t shop in big box stores for myself and I didn’t want to start with my baby. I wanted to support small, local, family run businesses like ours. So, I made it my mission to try and bring the amazingness of babywearing to the boutiques dotting our downtowns. When I was pregnant I would drive over an hour from our house in MA to the cutest little boutique in CT that sold cloth diapers just to see the colors and be able to talk with someone about what we would need or want. I knew I wanted people to be able to do the same with our slings. Feel the textiles. Try the sling on. Shop Locally. That boutique became one of our very first retailers ❤️ Papaya Patch in West Hartford, CT. Today we have 300 small, local, independent retailers (mostly women owned! 💪👭💪) around the world helping new parents get comfy in their Sakura Blooms! 🌸🌸🌸 So much ❤️ for all of our amazing retailers lovingly representing Sakura Bloom each and every day and for each and every one of you, our amazing customers, out there shopping locally with them 🙌❤️🙌. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. 😘xo @lynnebanach ✨🌸✨ #allthehugsandkisses #liveyourdream #beoriginal #stayfocused #blazeyourowntrail #riseandgrind #madeintheusa #shoplocal #smallbusiness #womeninbusiness #mompreneur

A video posted by lovesakurabloom (@lovesakurabloom) on

Buy USA Event

buyuseabanner1Nappy Shoppe wants to reward you between Memorial Day and Independence Day for shopping local and buying USA made.

Buying USA made where possible is important.  Why?


American people spending American dollars on American products equals American jobs. These jobs are the foundation of a thriving economy.

If every American spent an extra $3.33 on U.S.-made products, it would create almost 10,000 new jobs.

And there is many more benefits than that simple one alone.

So over the 6 weeks between Memorial Day and Independence day we are going to introduce you to some of our favorite USA companies that we buy product from for the store. And when you buy USA made products we will give you a ticket to put into drawing for some of our favorite USA products.  (Two tickets if you are VIP blue card holders).

Every few days we will be featuring a blog article and newsletter about one of our favorite manufacturers.  So be sure to check back frequently!

Check out our awesome prize listing!  And there is more to come!  Check back to see what other prizes we will be offering.

Sakura Bloom Simple Silk Ring Sling in Shadow

Best Bottoms Cover

Planetwise Wet Bag & Snack Bag Set

Leslies Boutique Medium Wet Bag & Pail Liner

Two Thirsties One Size All in One Diapers

Blueberry Wet bag and One Size Simplex

Blueberry Laundry bag and Newborn Simplex

Blueberry Wet/Dry Totes and Freestyle Swim Diaper

BellaCheeks Trainers

BellaCheeks Fitted Diaper

BellaCheeks Pants

Baby Hawk Carrier

So come in and BUY USA and get your ticket to win one of these great prizes. 

One ticket per day per customer.  Customer needs to have purchased a product MADE in the USA to recieve ticket.  VIP Blue Reward Card holders get two tickets per day. Not valid on past purchases.  Valid in store only.



Why I do it – A special moment

Sometimes when I am stuck in the office doing the bookwork, trying to balance the books, trying to figure out the budget, working the long hours to make Nappy Shoppe keep going … Sometimes when I stick my neck out and take a leap of faith and sign up for another lease and expand into the space next door … I get rather overwhelmed and wonder why am I doing this?

And then a special moment happens, and I see why I do this.  Why I do this for so little monetary return. The emotional fulfillment from this business is high.  And today I am watching one of those emotional moments unfold.

One of our regulars is being induced today.  She has a one year old.  And she is on her own.


And from our Mama tribe they step up.  The Mama tribe is what we call our regular group of mums who attend our mums groups.  This tribe has formed from the mums groups and is an amazing group of women who support each other.


Today two of the girls have stepped up to become this girl’s birth people.  To help be her advocate to help her try and get the birth she wants.  Then step up more of the tribe to watch the three one year old’s who need care while these three girls are in the labour and delivery room.  One of the tribe even took the day off work to help watch the little ones!

So this morning I raise my latte to the Mama tribe, (and wipe my eyes), because you all are amazing, and I cannot wait to meet the newest baby for the Mama tribe.

Dad’s Groups

It is time we showed the Dad’s of the Nappy Shoppe community some love.  For some time now we have offered support for the mothers in our community, with breastfeeding support groups, post par-tum support groups, and mums groups.  Now that we have a dad on the Nappy Shoppe team, we can finally offer some groups JUST for Dads!


First off is our Dad’s group.  This is a FREE group.  Just come and hang out in our classroom with other dads.  You can bring your little ones if you wish.  We have toys for the toddlers.  We will have refreshments as well.  Mat, the Dad on our team will be there to share and commiserate etc.


Second is our “Boobs and Beer” event.  This is actually a class.  For this one we will be serving craft beers and snacks.  Mat, our “teacher” will be talking about cloth diapering, babywearing and how to support wives while nursing etc.  This class is aimed at expectant and new dads, but all dads are welcome.  This is a dad’s night out, so please no little ones.  Cost for this one is $5.  Book your spot on our classes page.

Dad’s we hope to see you come and attend.  Help us build as great a Dad community as we have a Mum’s community.

matandbaylorAnd a little about Mat, our Dad on the team.

Mat York is the father of two, Baylor who was born in 2012 and Miles who was born in 2015.  He and his wife Jordan have been coming into the Shoppe since Baylor was a baby.




Saturday November 29th is Small Business Saturday.  This day was founded in 2010 by American Express to help raise awareness of the importance of Small Business America.  More of your spending dollar remains in the local community when you shop small and local.  Did you know that shopping at Nappy Shoppe, you help support SIXTEEN families!  True we have mostly part time staff, but that money goes home with them and stay in our community.  Our sales taxes stay local, and help support our local infrastructure, from roads, to police, to fire fighters and more.

When you come in and shop with us this month you get the chance to win gift certificates with some of our favourite local businesses.  Each time you shop with us you will get a ticket to put towards the gift certificate of your choice.  If you are a blue card rewards holder, then you get two tickets.

Here are the businesses we are offering gift certificates with:

And be sure to check out our vendors at our Small Business Bazaar.


When you or baby are sick …

PSA – It appears that the back-to-school illnesses are already upon us. We at The Nappy Shoppe strive to make our store a safe environment for babies of all ages, especially newborns and pregnant moms.

Staff has a strict sick policy – if we suspect ourselves or our children to be ill, we do not come in to work or make alternate care arrangements for the kiddos for a full 24 hours past last symptom. We do this to prevent staff kids from passing illness back and forth, but more importantly to keep them from passing their illness on to customers. We ask that you, as customers and friends, afford us the same courtesy. If staff kids get sick and start sharing their germs with each other, then our small staff becomes even smaller and we have difficulty covering all the hours that the store is open.

Staff understands the risks of illness associated with having their kiddos around other kids, but we need your help to keep everyone healthy. If you suspect that you or your child may be ill, even if you do not think it is contagious, please consider postponing your trip to the Nappy Shoppe.

If you need something immediately, like detergent or Punkin Butt Teething Oil, then please wear your little one and refrain from touching the toys or other merchandise. We can also take your order and payment over the phone and bring it out to your car. We can answer many cloth diaper and breastfeeding questions over the phone, as well.

Sometimes illness strikes unexpectedly, and we understand that some things are out of our control. However, if you or your child become ill at the store, we ask that you clean up after yourself and go home for the day. Our staff does not have the necessary gear (masks, etc) to clean up bodily fluids without risking getting sick ourselves. We ask this courtesy from you to help keep everyone’s kids healthy throughout cold and flu season, but also so that new moms can feel comfortable bringing their newborns in to get lactation help from the Cafe.

If we all follow these guidelines, we can avoid unnecessary exposure to germs for all our kiddos.

Thank you.  The Nappy Shoppe Team.