Fold your cloth wipes for that “pop-up” effect!

Guest Post by Bert

You use cloth wipes but there’s a little part of you that wishes you could still use disposable only for the “pop-up” effect in the dispenser. Well, never fear! We have a photo tutorial for you right here on how to get your cloth wipes to pop up through a disposable wipe dispenser. So grab your freshly clean wipes out of that laundry basket and let’s get folding!

First things first you’re going to need a used wipes dispenser, your cloth wipes and a spray bottle. If you don’t have a wipes dispenser ask a friend who uses disposables if she has one laying around the house that she isn’t using.

Next, lay one cloth wipe on the floor and place another one on half of it so that the bottom wipe can still be seen. You’re going to be making a stack that will go into your dispenser.

After that you’re going to fold the bottom wipe over the top so that the bottom wipe covers half of the wipe that’s on top of it.

Then place another wipe on the already folded bottom wipe so that the second wipe in your stack can easily be folded over the next wipe. Repeat this step, by alternating which half of the previous wipe needs to be folded.

Your wipes stack should look like this:

Place your stack of wipes into the dispenser so that you can easily pull one wipe out.

Pull the wipe out, grab your handy spray bottle (filled with either water or a wipes solution) and spray away.

See…easy as 1, 2, 3!

Elizabeth (aka Bert) Anderson married her college sweetheart in 2005, and started her journey into motherhood in 2008 with the birth of her son.  She started blogging in 2009 as a way to keep track of her thoughts on being a first time mom, especially her struggle with postpartum depression, and as a way of reaching out to other moms who are struggling with the same things.  This June, Bert had another first in her motherhood travels – a little girl!  Even though she’s newly a mother of two, Bert maintains that no matter how many children you have you will always be a “first time mom” because there’s a first time for everything!  Visit her blog, at FTM. Bert is a contributor for She Thinks Media.

The Car Nappy Bag

I have a nappy bag that sits in the car all the time.  I prefer not to cart around a diaper bag all the time now that Braden is older, so for the past year I have kept a bag in the car fully stocked ready to go, and we pull it out when we need it.  That way I am not carting it to and from the house.  The bag is actually one that my quilting friends made me.  We are dragon crazy in this house, so it is a red bag with blue dragons on it.  It is a nice large bag.  My husband actually willingly puts it over his shoulder because it’s not girly :)

So what is in this bag?

  • It used to contain an empty sippy cup, but now that Braden is comfortable drinking from a straw, we stopped carrying this one around.  I kept it empty because I didn’t want it forgotten and going mouldy.  That way we could fill it as need be at restaurants etc.
  • A spare dummy/pacifier.  Yes I know, he should not be using one of those, but well it helps him sleep.
  • A spoon.  Never know when you will need to feed him :)  When he was smaller I had a bib in there too.
  • I keep GroVia shells with biopads in my bag.

    GroBaby shells. These days they are called GroVia (same thing with a few little improvements).  I have about 3 shells in this bag.  They take up next to no room as they are just covers.

  • About 6 GroVia Biodegradable Pads and 4 gDiaper Flushables.  Why both?  Well the Flushables are actually size small, and I fold them in half if I know I cant change him for a while.  I then put the folded one in the front of his diaper over the top of the GroVia Pad, and that gives me the extra time before I have to change him.  Sometimes when you are in the car a long time, it is nice to diaper him like I would diaper him at night.  And yes this combination did work at night for him.  I put this combination on him after the July 4th fireworks and he was asleep when we got home, and we put him straight to bed without changing, and his clothes were dry the next morning.
  • A couple of cloth wipes – dry.  I have contemplated adding a bottle of wash to the bag, but I think because he rarely poops when out, it is not needed.  But I would so do this if he was smaller and still fully breastfed, because you need that kind of thing when changing a lot of poopy diapers.  I would then be able to spray the dry wipes and wipe dirty butt.
  • These wipes are great for sticky fingers too.

    A packet of GroVia wipes.  I added these to test the product out, and well I really like the product.  You can read Sara Snow’s review of them here.  They are a good size, they are a good thickness, and they are environmentally friendly.  I use them more for sticky hands than anything else at Braden’s age.  (And on his 7 year old brother, Connor, who is always seeming just as sticky as the baby!)


  • More than one wet bag is essential in my opinon.

    A wet bag.  I own about 5 wet bags now.  I suggest having at least two, so you can have one in use while one is in the wash.  One I had to make because it matched the pattern of my other diaper bag (a woman can never have too many bags you know!).  But I keep one in this bag, so I have something to put the dirties in when they happen.

  • A receiving blanket.  This is very thin and folds up small, so it makes a good change mat if need be.  Can also be used to wipe up messes and so on.

So what is in your diaper bag?  Feel free to comment below :)

The winners of the diaper storage

And the winners of the small wet bag and $5 gift certificate for showing off  their diaper storage  are:

Chelsea H with her over the door storage and making good use of an existing change table system.  We loved how her baskets just looked so neat and pretty on the change table and how organized they were.  We really loved all of the over the door storage systems that were entered, but we decided on Chelsea H in the end because of how she combined the systems.

Melody F with her creative use of a toy storage system.  We liked this because the system can be used for other things after diapering is done.  It can be used for toys.  Or for crafts (like I do in my sewing room).

And then we decided that we had to give a bonus prize of a $5 gift certificate to Sara H.  We loved her honesty about how her diapers are stored most of the time.

Many thanks to everyone who entered.  This has to have been my favourite giveaway yet.  I got many emails and comments from people who enjoyed seeing how others store their diapers.

Wall shelves show off diapers like artwork.

Diapers neatly stored just enhance this nursery's decor

Daisy A has a beautifully decorated nursery, and her diapers are like additional artwork the way she has them displayed out in the open.

Daisy writes “We use shelves for Aiden’s gdiapers. We display them on the shelves on the wall and love how they are shown off. The gdiapers are fully loaded (with your gflappers, of course!), folded, and set on the shelf, all ready to go.

Once we take a used gdiaper off of Aiden, the flappers and any dirty liners go in the diaper pail, and the gpants go in the basket that is sitting on the changing table. I use all of the pre-loaded gdiapers, filling the basket with the gpants, and then start all over…loading them again and stacking them on the shelf. We got the shelves at Lowes…they were fairly cheap, under $10 each (I want to say around $7 each) and very easy to put up.

 gFlappers that are not in the pants are in a drawer in the changing table.

We just stack them according to style because they fit perfectly in the drawer without having to fold them! We also have a few bumgenius diapers that we fold and put in the drawer (often pre-loaded, as well). We mostly use gdiapers but use the bumgenius diapers at nighttime. We also keep our extra gdiaper liners in the drawer, along with folded cloth wipes.

Everything fits very perfectly in one single drawer and easily stays neat so we can grab whatever we need quickly.

 We love our system because it looks nice and everything seems to flow easily.”

Daisy has been entered into the competition for a wet bag and gift certificate.

An abandoned change table comes back to life

So this is the change table I bought for my middle son when I was pregnant with him 7 years ago.  I set it up in his nursery, and then never used it to change him on!  He was in our room in the pack and play and it was easier to change him in our master bathroom.  And then he refused to sleep in the nursery, so he finally moved out of our room, to share a room with his older brother.

Recently a friend came to stay with us while her husband resolved a bad lack of job situation, and she had a 1 year old and baby on the way.  She stayed in our 1 year olds room. So space organisation was premium, with 2 cribs, her blow up double bed.  We needed to fit another crib for the newborn and allow her space to change the baby.  So I dragged out the old change table.  I figured once she moved out, I could use it to store Braden’s clothes and toys anyway even if I never changed him on it either.

This change table is a solid piece of furniture.  It is designed to be one that can be a TV stand or the like after it is no longer needed as a change table.  We did actually use it for our TV and VCR in our room for a while before we got something that matched our bedroom furniture better. But for a while it sat in my walk in closet and stored sheets etc.

So here is what Ashley did with the change table after we moved it into the room with her and the babies.

Shelves above store cloth diapers, then the change space below that. A shelf below for my storage, and then a cupboard with a shelf in it for hidden storage.

Ironically as soon as we set up this system, her husband found work and it looks like she will not get to use it for the new baby, but hopefully be in her own place when the new baby is born.

A classy armoire is hidden diaper storage

A beautiful Armoire hides away the cloth diapers

Joy C uses a beautiful piece of furniture to store her cloth diapers in.

Joy writes “I share my cloth diapers with my books and baby albums/cards in the armoire in our room. I like this method because it is nice to close it and and not see all this (the diapers used to be in baskets in the changing table but it was too crazy looking, too much stuff jumping out at you!  I change the baby on my bed which is right across from the armoire.

Top – wipes and wipe solution, extra inserts, books.
Bottom – my favorite ones (Thirsties DUO) then the other 3 baskets are organized by thickness (how many inserts). 2 are day (1 inserts) and the last is night (2 inserts).”

Joy has been entered into the drawing for a wet bag and gift certificate.

Toy Storage becomes Diaper Storage

Toy Storage sytem becomes Diaper Storage System

Melody F took a toy organiser and turned it into diaper and clothing storage.  (I actually use this system in my sewing room.  I sort elastics, snaps and zippers into it!  I love being able to grab one of the bins and take it to my sewing table to use it.  It was actually one that a friend was giving away from her son’s room now that he was 13.)

Melody writes “I used a toy storage until from Target for $65.  It works amazingly next to my changing table.”

Melody has been entereted into the competition for a wet bag and gift certificate.

Shoes Away … erm Diapers away!

Kristy T uses a shoe organiser to organise her diapers.

A shoe organiser is a great diaper organiser too.

Kristy writes “In an effort to organize the house, I purchased a “Shoes Away” Shoe Organizer to help with clutter in the bathroom, mainly for diapers. This holds so much and it’s just great! The prefolds hang over the side a little, but I’m okay with that. The pockets with fit a stack of wipes, wetbags, prefolds or inserts, 3-6 trainers, 3-4 pocket diapers, 3 folded flats and misc things as well. The greatest thing was that my husband said it would be easier for him to find what he needed to put a diaper on the baby!  It was so great to be able to spend less than $14 and have organization like this. The best part is, it takes up no extra space in the house, PERFECT for small spaces!!!  I’m putting these organizers all over the house!!”

Kristy has been entered into the competition for a wet bag and gift certificate.

A basket and drawer get put to good use here

A basket and drawer put to good ue

Cindy R’s 2 little boys share a room, read on to see how she stores her cloth diapers.

Cindy writes “We have our two boys, ages almost 3 and 21 mths, sharing what is technically the master bedroom of our two bedroom house. There are two cribs and a double bed (for guests or for me when they are sick) plus their dresser, toy storage, and a cabinet for my linens and craft stuff in the room. The one crib has an attached changing table with three drawers. The bottom two drawers are overflowing with books; the top drawer has a few g’s stuffed and ready to go, some pocket diapers and diaperwraps, some g-flushies, and extra prefolds. On top of the changing table, I keep a basket with pre-stuffed g’s and extra liners, g-cloths and prefolds.

The changing table is right next to the “big bed” where I usually lay down my little one to change him. (Big brother is potty trained.) I move the basket onto the bed when I put the LO to sleep in the crib, or else he’d be tossing them everywhere.

We keep our diaper pail in the attached bath, and I usually do wash after the boys go to bed.

Cindy's oldest son is "posing" in this photo, pretending to be asleep.

So, there you have it. I’ve loved seeing the variety of ways people store their cloth diapers, and the variety of the diapers themselves. “

Cindy has been entered into the competition for a wet bag and gift certificate.

Let’s be honest now …

Sara H has a great storage shelf for her diapers, but her true confession is shown further down.  Sad to say I store my diapers like that a bit too … read on …

Shelving makes for great organised storage of cloth diapers.

Sara writes “We found these storage cubbies on sale at sprawl-mart for about $3.50 per unit.  There are 2 units stacked in the picture. 

 The top shelf holds some prefolds, hemp/cotton/microfiber gFlappers, and a couple homemade inserts from nappyshoppe DIY fabrics.

 The 2nd shelf is for my older daughter’s diapers.  Until a recent order brought us some Thirsties, she was exclusively in g’s.  

The 3rd shelf is for my younger daughter’s fluff.  She wears BG Organic AIO’s and pockets, Thirsties, gDiapers and grobaby.

 4th shelf houses the basket of wipes.  There is also a box of sposie wipes hidden back there behind the basket.

 gLiners and a spare wetbag are in the 5th shelf, and some receiving blankets are on the bottom. 

 The biodegradable refills are stacked next to the cubbies.

Lets be honest now, how many of us store our diapers like this?

 This 2nd picture is a more accurate picture of how my diapers are normally stored….in a pile on the couch or in the dryer.  I hardly ever get them all actually put away, and had to remember to get them put away and take a pic just for the contest! :)

 Please excuse the paint job on the walls.  I am painting the whole house and have to do the trim in there still.”

Sara has been entered into the contest for a wet bag and a gift certificate.