Newborn Cloth Diaper Rental Program


Want to use cloth diapers with your newborn but all of the one-size options are a little too big? Do you want to avoid investing in a whole stash of newborn size diapers that they’ll just grow out of in a few short months? This program by Nappy Shoppe is designed for you! Not only does this it buy you a few months time until your baby is big enough to fit those popular one-size options, but it also gives you an opportunity to give yourself a test run with cloth to see if you’ll like it before investing in a purchase! This rental program is less expensive than both disposable diapers and purchasing a whole stash of newborn diapers.

How it works

Choose from one of our packages (reverse).

At least one month before your due date, sign up and pay for your chosen diaper rental package to ensure availability. Beginning two weeks before your due date, your package will be available to pick up from the Nappy Shoppe. You will be required to attend one of our Cloth 101 classes. Class fee is included in the package.

Use your diapers for up to three months. Return your items, clean, dry and in good condition. Diaper creams, detergents, flushable liners that may be in the package are yours to keep. (varies depending on the package chosen). You will receive $100 store credit (or $75 back to your card) to use on anything you wish in our store.

Diapers and accessories will be a mix of new and used. All new diapers will be washed and prepped for immediate use. Used diapers will have been cleaned and washed in our store washer. Any diaper or accessory that is defective or no longer usable during the rental period may be returned to the Nappy Shoppe for a replacement at Nappy Shoppe staff discretion.

Any diapers that are missing or returned in unsatisfactory condition will be charged to the customer.


Can I choose my brands and prints?

Sorry, we choose. We have limited availability of various brands etc. We just ask that you choose boyish, girlish or gender neutral when you sign up.

Can I use my own detergent?

No. We ask that you use our detergent. If we find that another detergent was used and the diapers were damaged as a result, you will be responsible for the replacement of the affected diapers.

How do I wash the diapers?

We will provide you with washing instructions. We ask that you follow our care instructions. The internet is full of different methods, but we have found our methods to work in our water.

What if I want to keep the diapers when I am done?

You can do that. We will give you the opportunity to buy the diapers at market value when done. There may be an amount over the deposit that you may need to pay.

What if I lose or damage the diapers.

Any diapers that are missing or returned in unsatisfactory condition will be charged to you at the full price of the diaper.

Basic Prefold Package

  • 24 Newborn Sized Cotton Prefolds
  • 4 Newborn sized covers
  • 2 Snappis
  • 1 bag of detergent
  • Diaper Cream Samples

Mix of new and pre-loved $150

New diapers only $175

This package is a great budget friendly option.


Basic Fitteds Package

  • 24 Newborn Sized Fitteds
  • 4 Newborn Sized Covers
  • 1 Bag of detergent
  • 1 roll flushable liners
  • Diaper Cream Samples

Mix of new and pre-loved $250

New diapers only $300

Fitteds are the best leakproof option and are easier to use than prefolds for many.


Mix it Up Package

  • 4 Newborn Fitteds
  • 8 Newborn Sized Cotton Prefolds
  • 4 Newborn sized covers
  • 10 All in ones
  • 4 Newborn Pockets
  • 2 Snappis
  • 1 roll flushable liners
  • 1 bag of detergent
  • Diaper Cream Samples

Mix of new and pre-loved $300

New diapers only $350

Great for trying different types, determining what works best for your family in the long term. We will include a mix of brands.

Deluxe AIO Package

  • 24 Newborn All in ones
  • 6 Fitted Newborn Fitteds
  • 2 Newborn sized covers
  • 1 bag of detergent
  • 1 roll flushable liners
  • Diaper Cream Samples

Mix of new and pre-loved $400

New diapers only $450

All in ones are very easy to use. Fitteds are great for night time use. We will include a mix of brands.


All prices include the deposit that is refunded back when diapers are returned as outlined in our terms and conditions. $100 as store credit or $75 back to the credit card. All prices include a Cloth 101 class for one couple.

Prices and packages are subject to change. Please check in store for availability, pricing and packages.

Pre-Loved Cloth Diaper Buy-Back Program

We have been asked so many times if we will buy back used diapers, and to date, we have done our swap days once every couple of months.  And invariably this means many miss out because the date does not work for them.  So now we are introducing our in store buy back program that is on going.  So here is how our new program will work.


Do you have some cloth diapers that you just don’t use? Has baby potty trained? Maybe you washed a few, then decided they weren’t your favorites? Bring them back to Nappy Shoppe for store credit towards anything else in the store.

Nappy Shoppe currently accepts diapers from the brands we stock new with some exceptions for diapers we used to stock or are very familiar with. Diapers must be gently used and in excellent used condition.

  • Diapers should be clean and odor-free. Please wash and thoroughly dry diapers before bringing them in. Diapers should be free of stains, pet or human hair, lint, tears, fading, etc.
  • Snaps and Velcro should be fully intact and functional.
  • Elastic should be snug and functional.

When you bring in your diapers, we’ll look over them and make you an offer. We base our offer on condition and popularity of the diapers, as well as on what we already have stocked. You don’t have to accept our offer, but our offer is firm. As with any consignment or resale situation, the amount of credit we are able to offer you won’t be as much as you’d make if you sold your diapers on your own.

Buybacks are accepted most days but are subject to staff availability. If we are busy, or the right staff is not available, you will need to drop off your diapers for us to evaluate when we can.  We will contact you with an offer via phone or email.

We’ll offer store credit ONLY for your diapers. This store credit will never expire and can be used toward the purchase of anything in the store.

Nappy Shoppe reserves the right to refuse credit for any diapers for any reason.  We will only be selling pre-loved diapers in store only.  There are no returns on used diapers.  They may be brought back through the pre-loved system and an offer made if they are still in good condition.

Eyla’s Imports welcomes Grandma El’s to their lineup! Plus a giveaway for FIVE tubes!

We’re super excited to share with you this great news!  Grandma El’s famous products, their cloth diaper safe rash remedy and other awesome products will now be distributed right alongside our Sweet Pea Cloth Diapers at Eyla’s Imports, the USA Sweet Pea Diapers Distributor!

That of course means you can find all of Grandma El’s amazing cloth diaper safe products and baby care products at Nappy Shoppe!  Woot woot!

Here’s what’s hot off the press from Eyla’s…

April 24, 2012
For Immediate Release:

Eyla’s Imports a distributor of all natural, organic and eco-friendly products, proudly welcomes Grandma El’s Diaper Rash Remedy & Prevention to our family!

Grandma El’s Diaper Rash Remedy & Prevention is absolutely the most effective diaper changing ointment available today! Used with every diaper change, Grandma El’s will keep your baby free of diaper rash.  This pediatrician recommended, hypo-allergenic product is proudly made in the USA and contains only the safest ingredients for your baby.  The patented formula creates a breathable barrier which lets your baby’s skin breathe as it protects from moisture, making it the fastest, most effective product available.

Grandma El’s product is currently on the move! Please visit Eyla’s Imports at to pre-order Grandma El’s at company direct pricing! Once fully stocked, Eyla’s Imports will maintain our same day shipping policy to accompany our impeccable customer service.

Eyla’s Imports is a one stop shop! In addition to Grandma El’s, Eyla’s Imports offers the award winning, organic teething Bonbon®, organic toys and linens by Dress Me Up Organic, all natural and organic hand crafted personal care products for babies and adults by Momma Nature® and affordable, quality cloth diapers and accessories that are better for the earth, your budget, and your baby by Sweet Pea Diapers

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Be on the look out for more exciting news from Eyla’s Imports!

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Eyla’s Imports will bring cloth diapers, natural skincare and organic toys to the Natural Products Expo West 2012!

Cloth Diapers due to make an appearance via Eyla’s Imports, at Natural Products Expo West 2012!

Eyla’s Imports, a Denver, CO based distributor of natural and eco-friendly products will bring their A game to the Natural Products Expo West 2012 in March. Ari Shore and partner Amy Chapman will reach out to attendees of the Expo presenting quality products many of which are invented and produced my Mompreneurs.

Eyla’s prides themselves on products that are not only quality made and beautifully packaged, but products that customers will fall in love with for their practicality and function.

Eyla’s product lines include

  • Sweet Pea Diapers, A manufacturer of modern cloth diapers and cloth diapering accessories for the progressive eco-minded consumer. Being green and raising baby naturally has never been more important and Sweet Pea Diapers prove that cloth diapers are making a comeback in a BIG way. Create a well rounded offering for your natural boutique by adding Sweet Pea Diapers and accessories to your product lineup.
  • Dress Me Up Organic is a small, independently owned toy company. Dress Me Up Organic specializes in handmade, natural, organic cotton soft toys, baby linens and the ground-breaking eco-teething Bonbon®. Another superb product line for the fast growing community of natural minded parents.
  • Momma Nature is the manufacturer of surprisingly luxurious yet natural, vegan, and cruelty-free products designed for the “natural momma” and her family. Unnecessary exposure to toxins and chemicals in skincare and household products is a growing concern and Momma Nature provides quality products without the risk.

Attendees of the Natural Products Expo West can visit Eyla’s Imports at their beautifully designed booth, Booth #4712, March 9-11th, 2012.

For more information on Eyla’s Imports and their product lines please contact or call 1-888-432-6962.

If you’re attending the Natural Products Expo West please join Eyla’s Attendee Facebook Page and connect with them!