Double Hammock Wrap

At Nappy Shoppe we do a wrap of the week in our class room. Bring your wraps, or simply come along to watch to see if you would like a wrap.

Amanda, one of our staff members, loves to try out different wraps, and has been sharing them with the North DFW babywearing group. But we thought you would like to see her wraps in person.

So on July 5th 2012 our wrap of the week was the double hammock.

The benefits of a double hammock are:

  • Distributes the weight across your chest instead just your shoulders.
  • Most comfortable back carry to wear for a long period of time.


Baby K’tan Review

This review is written by Cheyenne and Ryley of the North DFW Babywearing group.  Both of whom work at Nappy Shoppe and are known in the local community as babywearing experts.

We were so excited when we were asked to review the Baby K’tan. Baby K’tan is an awesome option for newborns and smaller babies without the added hassle of wrapping. You get the same snuggles from a stretchy wrap without the added time! The Baby K’tan is super easy to use and works great for babies up past 20 pounds. I have always found that with any stretchy carrier, beyond 20 pounds can put some strain on you, and become less comfortable after long periods of time. Being able to put the Baby K’tan on easily and correctly in a short amount of time is something we LOVE about this carrier. Plus no ends ever touch the ground, or get dirty in a parking lot.

This is Max at 18 pounds and 15 months in a hug hold.

There are multiple positions for the Baby K’tan, the hug hold being our favorite.  The Baby K’tan also allows for a hip hold and explore hold for those babies that really want to look around.  You can also breastfeed in it!

This is Rowan at 24 pounds and 19 months old in a hip carry.

Another feature we love is the bag that comes with it! It folds up nicely and can be stored in your diaper bag without a lot of bulk.

The one thing we found to be an issue was the fact that Baby K’tans are sized.  If you can get anyone else in your family to wear, you will probably have to have more than one in order to get the right fit for each person.  That being said, with a Baby K’tan, because it is sized there is no wondering if you have it on tight enough. Sizing information can be found here All in all, we love the Baby K’tan for those newborn snuggles!

A little about the authors:

Cheyenne Martin is a baby wearing guru.  Working at the Nappy Shoppe, she is known for her skills in all kinds of slings and carriers.  She teaches the Babywearing 102 class at the store.  Cheyenne is the mother of three little girls, and at the time of writing Leelah, her youngest is worn daily using various carriers that she owns.

Ryley Chestnut is also a teacher at Nappy Shoppe, teaching Babywearing 101 and Cloth Diapering 101.  Her young son Rowan is worn daily as well, and when shoppers visit Nappy Shoppe it is not uncommon to see Rowan hanging out in a carrier worn by his mother.

Tips for using the Boba Carrier!

Did you know that Youtube literally has a TON of babywearing videos and tutorials.  You can learn tips, tricks, wrapping techniques and more!  Whether you need to breastfeed while you wear your baby, babywear twins, or use with a tiny newborn, there’s bound to be a video that you’ll benefit from watching.


Below we’re going to highlight some great Boba videos.


Breastfeeding discreetly in your Boba Carrier.

How to use the Boba foot straps.

How to use the Boba sleep hood.

So what do you think? Have you turned to youtube in the past for babywearing support and tutorials?

Here’s Carrying You Kid: A Bit on Baby-Wearing

Guest Post by Cassanda


Had I been asked two years ago what my favorite thing to wear was, it would have been a pair of skinny jeans that I snagged during an amazing sale. Flash forward to Mommyhood and I can tell you that while I still appreciate my jeans and a good sale (who doesn’t?) my favorite thing to wear is my son!


Once our son was born my husband and I were quickly on the verge of insanity because the baby wouldn’t let us set him down.  Ever.  My husband and I did some serious researching on our parenting style, and learned that babies want to be held.  A lot.  And more importantly that it’s okay to hold them.  A lot.  I spent the most worthwhile forty dollars of my postpartum life on a Moby Wrap, and found that I could soothe my baby *and* prepare dinner at the same time.  Or do laundry.  Or read a book…

As our little one turned into a big boy (I’m still stunned sometimes that 15 months have gone by) we switched to a Boba carrier, a soft structure backpack-style carrier that provides support in great places, like our baby’s hips and spine.


Bug (short for LoveBug) , as we endearingly refer to our son, will always be our baby. With a new Bun due this December, I know that as fatigue and the overall whirlwind of bringing a new baby home can entail, I will be prepared to soothe both of my babies. In our arms are where our babies want to be. And with the help of baby carriers like our beloved Boba, and Sleepy Wrap (similar to the Moby, made of stretchy fabric to accommodate breastfeeding) I know that if I can’t always be holding onto them, they can be holding onto me.


So next time you’re running around five minutes behind schedule, and in need of a coffee (and what Mommy doesn’t have a day like that?), consider wearing your Bug. That is of course after you throw on those favorite skinny jeans!



Casandra is an attatchment parenting, cloth-diapering, co-sleeping, breastfeeding, babywearing stay-at-home mom to her 15-month old son “Bug” and expecting another bundle this December, 2011. Casandra studied Economics at the University of California at Davis, graduating with a BA in 2009. She enjoys ballet and crochet, and loves to cook for her family. Casandra and her husband Mark currently live in Northern California with their son, two cats, and Doberman Pincher.

Beco Butterfly II Review

Features:  Detachable hood, removable infant insert, inside panel to put baby easily on your back or to switch between to parents.

Cheyenne and Leelah using the Beco Butterfly II

The Beco was a soft structured carrier brand that many customers asked me to get in, and a long winded process to get approved to stock.  But finally we now stock it.  Nappy Shoppe’s baby wearing guru, Cheyenne, absolutely loves her Beco carriers.  So here is her review of the Beco Butterfly II.

Leelah, enjoying being close to her mother.Cheyenne writes “I love to babywear! For the life of me, I can’t figure out why people wouldn’t babywear!  I started wearing Leelah when she was just a few days old.  We started out with a Sleepy Wrap, which was wonderful for those newborn snuggles.  However, I wanted a quicker option that could be used with bigger babies too.  I was drawn to the Beco Butterfly 2.  Honestly, the thing that I initially loved about it was all the great print choices.  I wanted to be able to make a statement with my carrier; after all, your baby is the best accessory!

The Beco Butterfly II allows for easy back carry

Leelah was 3 months by the time I got my Beco Butterfly 2 and just a little too big for the infant insert, which is great to get your little one nice and high and kissable in the Beco. The insert is completely removable, so out that went and on she went.  One of the things I love about the Beco Butterfly 2 is that it has an internal harness, so you pretty much put the whole carrier on and then put your baby in.    I like the internal panel because it makes it easier to slide your little one onto your back.   Leelah spends a lot of time on my back and I just love how easy it is to slide her back there without having to really balance her and then figure out how to get the rest of the carrier up and around her.  With the Beco Butterfly II, she stays all the way buckled in the carrier as you slide her around.  The Beco Butterfly 2 also comes with a detachable hood that can slide into a little pocket on the waistband of the carrier.  The waistband is padded for lots of lumbar support and is great for distributing the weight of the baby along your hips instead of across your shoulders.  This is my go to carrier for long babywearing adventures.  I have comfortably worn Leelah for over 2 hours in the carrier walking around at a festival.  My feet hurt so badly, but not my back!

The waist belt, chest strap and the side straps are easily adjustable.  I found the top straps where the front of the carrier attaches to the shoulder straps are a bit more complicated to adjust, but after I found a good spot for them I left them there and haven’t moved them in 6 months.  I also have found hands free nursing to be very complicated.  I CAN nurse her in the carrier but not hands free. ”

The hood is great for shade and discrete nursing.

Right now you can save $20 on your Beco Butterfly II at Nappy Shoppe.

Babyette Waterbabies Mesh Ring Sling

Guest Poster: Patti Dallhoff

Patti works at the Nappy Shoppe and is mother to Carson, 4.5 months old

Baby Wearing experience with: Ergo (used newborn insert as well), CatBirdBaby Pikkolo, Moby Wrap, and the Babyette Waterbabies Mesh Ring Sling.

Texas summers are already hot enough without having to strap on a 16 pound 4 month old while going about my everyday life. He rarely lets me put him down so I have been trying several different baby wearing options. The Babyette Waterbabies Ring Sling is so far my favorite. It takes up very little space in the diaper bag (it could fit in a quart size ziplock with room), is light weight and doesn’t make you sweat. Plus, you can wear it in the pool! How cool is that? I just dropped it in my wetbag for the ride home.

If you have multiple children and are trying to have a pool day, this sling is a must. It is very hands free, light, and secure. It dries quickly and you are not left dripping everywhere.

Having never worn a ring sling before I had to do a little research. Time for youtube! Then a trip to the Nappy Shoppe to try it on. It was super easy to put on for the first time with no direction and just the few pointers I had obtained on youtube. Carson loved the kangaroo carry that has him facing out and we walked around the Nappy Shoppe getting use to it. I also turned him around and did the tummy to tummy carry and he quickly fell asleep. Sold!

There is also the option of a back carry once he is a little older. This sling is really quick and easy to get Carson in and out. If for some reason he is SUPER cranky and doesn’t want to be in there, I didn’t waste forever getting him in.
All the slings at the Nappy Shoppe come in a standard size and many beautiful bright colors. I was a little worried this wouldn’t fit my husband, who wears a 52 inch suit jacket, but I was pleasantly surprised. There was at least a foot left to work with.
The very best thing about this sling is we don’t overheat wearing it. My little guy puts off a lot of heat and we stopped wearing our Moby two months ago because of that. This material is light, cool and nice against the skin. It easily washes and dries.

Happy Baby Wearing,