Disposable Diaper Buy Back 2015


We are doing it again!  Buying back UNUSED disposable diapers.

If you have been thinking of trying cloth diapers, this is a great chance to get some store credit towards your cloth diaper purchase, or if you have that half open pack of disposables that the grocery store cant take back, we will.


What are we going to do with these disposable diapers you ask?  We will use them for a window display for a short time, and then we will donate them to Custer Road Church PISD School Age Parent program.  This program helps out teen parents in need.

Terms and Conditions

  • We will pay 20 cents per disposable diaper.
  • We will pay for a maximum of 50 diapers per family.
  • Payment will be in the form of store credit to Nappy Shoppe.  Total amount paid out per family is $10 ONE TIME in store credit.
  • Store credit to be used in the month of April 2015.
  • You are welcome to drop off more than 50 diapers in order to donate to the cause.
  • Offer valid from April 6th 2015 to April 30th 2015.
  • Offer valid in store only.
  • Diapers must be in a usable condition.  Open packets are fine.
  • We reserve the right to refuse unusable, dirty, mangled, etc. diapers.

This promotion is a one time payout per family of $10 maximum.  If you wish to donate more than the 50 diapers to the program, you may do so at your own cost.

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